Body Treatment Types and Why Choose Nordic Spa Therapy

Body treatment helps to prevent wrinkles, dampen aging signs, decrease cellulite and leave your skin looking young. It even helps to reduce stress, calm the tired muscles, as well as relax both mind and body. It doesn’t matter, if your body is massaged with energizing scrub or wrapped in seaweed, these relaxing methods are just good.

Different types of body treatments are –

  • Body mask – Just like facial mask, thick cream or paste made from fruits, plants or minerals is applied generously all over the body. It is left to dry for half an hour.
  • Body scrub – It is about exfoliation, where your body gets rubbed vigorously with grainy mixture.
  • Body wrap – This is just like body mask treatment but includes an extra step, your body is wrapped in seaweed or some insulating matter after mask is generously applied.

  • Dry brushing – Skin is brushed in circular motion with natural bristle brush without any water. It helps to eliminate the dry dead skin, so blood circulation improves and toxins get thrown out.
  • Massage – Choose massage style that suits your body and needs. It helps to reduce pain and dampen the stress.
  • Nordic bath circuit – There is an array of process in traditional Nordic circuit. It includes sweating in wood heated sauna then plunge in cold temperature water pool/river and ultimately relax in outdoor steam bath.

If you are not a person for seaweeds or massage than consider spa Nordique treatment. Below are some good reasons to opt for this therapy.

It restores skin tone and elasticity

Heat from sauna or bath raises body temperature, dilates pores and relaxes muscles. Thus the skin toxins get flushed out making it perfect, natural, and safe anti-aging treatment.

Immune system gets revived

Full body dip quickly after sweating in sauna causes the blood vessels to narrow. Simultaneously, both blood pressure and heart rate increases. All this helps to promote the production of WBC leaving you feel re-energized and revitalised.

Degenerative conditions soothe-up

Steam bath offers relief from chronic pain due to degenerative disease like arthritis, rheumatism and osteoarthritis. Even if you don’t struggle with joint pain the heated water will help to relax muscles and decrease any buildup stress thus improving your sleep quality.

Effects are similar to workouts

Nordic bath circuit leaves you feeling same as you could be after sweating on a stationary bike or treadmill or performing aerobic workouts. The result is elimination of toxins, healthy flow of blood and efficient metabolism. Happy hormones get released and energy gets revived.

You too want this, so just try out!

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